Steeldog rigs have been over 15 years in the making, having raced dogs ourselves and used many different designs and styles of rig, we have found out through trial and error which characteristics of a design make a good rig and which don't.

Our aim was to provide the customer with a frame which was lightweight and flexible, whilst still being strong in order to deal with any terrain that a racing situation could present.

The original design started out in 2000 as a G.C.S.E Design Technology project, the project gained an A grade for its merit and went on to win many races that year, after having been raced for a season it soon began to draw attention to itself. It became apparent that other mushers liked the design, not only because it was aesthetically pleasing but it promoted greater leg room for running and scooting. Also although it had a low centre of gravity, it didn't ground out on some of the more rutted trails, a problem which can some times cost a musher valuable seconds in a race.

The original design was by no means perfect but by listening to all of the feedback given from other racers as well as the experience we had gained from using the rig ourselves, we were enabled to develop a second design which is now the well renowned design many in the sport use today.

Even though the rig was made from mild steel it was proven to match that of the weight of some of its aluminium counterparts, the main reason for this being that the aluminium designs had to use more material to keep the frames strength, where as our design did not as it was made of a stronger material.

After all of this we at Steeldog are happy to call the design our own, through continuous improvement, and helpful feedback we re-designed the racing rig, and turned it into an extension of the musher, and something anyone would be proud to own.